Not So Bulletproof Inside

Much more squishy in there

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I need you to guys, really, I am begging for a some help here. an acquaintance of mine has been through a lot, too fucking much I will spare you the details but even kite runner doesn’t have shit on this girl. She does not deserve the things she’s been put through. And now I have to throw myself out there for just the slightest chance anyone can help ease her suffering.

TO TUMBLRS FEMINISTS, RAPIST-HATERS, AND DECENT FOLK OF ALL WALKS OF LIFE: if you come across a pornographic video entitled “innocent indonesian girl” the thumbnail will be a man in a white shirt on top of a drugged and delirious girl in a green top and tan/beige birka/scarf/veil whatever you want to call it. That title is more true than you know.

at the time of this video not only was the girl underage, but DRUGGED and RAPED while in her delirium. DO NOT WATCH THIS VIDEO, AND REPORT IT ON ANY/ALL SITES and the very least for underage content. This video has been perpetuated for years for the sole purpose of humiliating this poor girl. She did not press charges and did not involve the police out of embarrassment that is HER CHOICE. But the least I can do is try to remove this stain from the annals of the internet.

I will not give her name out of respect for her and I don’t want to skyline her any more than I already have.

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